Naturalps Retail Indoor Plant and Succulent Nursery

We have RARE indoor plants now available

Our love of indoor plants began as a extension of our drought tolerant succulent plant range and over the past fifteen years has grown into a wholesale retail online business, as well as selling direct to the public.

We delight in carrying a huge range of indoor plants generally unavailable at mainstream nurseries, and are constantly acquiring new additions to our plant selection.

Our exotic succulent plants like partial to full sunlight. You can keep your tender exotic succulents healthy during the cold months by moving them indoors. Place them near a bright window turning every couple weeks to keep them from stretching one way. Once the threat of frost has past in the spring, gradually move them back outside. A couple hours in morning sun, then a few more, until they are in full sun.

We are a family run business located in semi-rural outskirts of Melbourne in the yarra valley .

If you are creating an outdoor or balcony garden, or simply a collector, you are sure to find something perfect within our range.