Monstera Thai Constellation Half Moon


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Monstera Thai Constellation Half Moon also known as Fruit Salad Plant, this is one of the most popular indoor plants today!

Monstera Thai Constellation Half Moon is an easy to grow variety with dark green foliage and splashes of unusual half leaf variegation.

It’s easy to grow with beautiful foliage that forms fenestrations (splits) as it matures.

Thriving in a well- lit position, protected from direct sunlight.

They prefer slightly moist but well drained soil, taking care not to overwater.

Taller plants with large leaves may incur some leaf damage & bruising during transportation.

Plants in stock may be different once delivered, new leaf damage may have occurred or the plants may have grown, please use the photos as an indication

We cannot guarantee future variegation on any variegated plants, only what you see here

Randomly selected plants will be chosen from other plants we have in stock – not pictured.

100mm pot size

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